the Bush It Brothers

Bush It Brothers

Thursday Evening

For many years now Nick and Dick have told each other that they know everything there is to know about the piano business. To prove this, one would try to stump the other with a difficult or unusual technical question; neither has ever been stumped. There are no witnesses.

Now it’s your turn to "Bamboozle The Bush It Brothers”!

Submit your questions by email to The subject field of your email should read "Bamboozle". The person who submits the question we use will win a prize ----- a free round trip two-week vacation to Hawaii ---- or a temperament strip.

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Friday Night

Film showing:

American Grand

"American Grand"

Who knew that restoring a piano could be so dramatic?

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Saturday Night

A return visit by Scott Jones at the

Pitchlock Piano Bar

Pitchlock Piano Bar

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San Francisco Bay Area

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Back by popular demand ...


Short 40 minute classes

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Our Amazing Line Up
of Instructors

  • Alexander Abel
  • Norbert Abel
  • Rick Baldassin, RPT
  • Wim Blees, RPT
  • Christian Bolduc
  • Keith Bowman, RPT
  • Steve Brady, RPT
  • Jack Brand
  • Bill Brandom, RPT
  • Melanie Brooks
  • Chris Brown, RPT
  • Peg Browne, RPT
  • Mark Burgett, RPT
  • Mike Carraher, RPT
  • Ray Chandler, RPT
  • Bruce Clark
  • Richard Davenport, RPT
  • David Durben, RPT
  • Alan Eder, RPT
  • Dale Erwin, RPT
  • Dennis Erwin
  • Del Fandrich, RPT
  • Nick Gravagne, RPT
  • Jeff Hickey, RPT
  • Mario Igrec
  • Roger Jolly
  • Scott Jones, RPT
  • Keith Kopp, RPT
  • Dan Levitan, RPT
  • Carl Lieberman, RPT
  • David Love, RPT
  • Don Mannino, RPT
  • Ray Negron
  • Randy Potter, RPT
  • Joel Rappaport
  • Priscilla Rappaport, RPT
  • Nate Reyburn, RPT
  • Paul Sanderson
  • Kathy Smith, RPT
  • Jean Sowers
  • Ryan Sowers, RPT
  • Israel Stein, RPT
  • Yoshi Suzuki
  • Joe Swenson
  • Carl Teel
  • David Vanderlip, RPT
  • Ruth Zeiner, RPT