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Special Saturday
Mini-Tech Sessions
you won't want to miss!

Gottschalk concert

Friday Night Spectacular
Louis Moreau Gotschalk Concert with Frank French, RPT

Pitchlock Piano Bar

Saturday Night
PitchLock Piano Bar


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Your best opportunity in 2015
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Select from over 55 fabulous classes on tuning, rebuilding, history, business, voicing, electronic tuning, and dampers!
Hands-On opportunities in various classes.


Note: If no rooms are available for Wednesday night or if you have any difficulties in reserving a room, please contact Bruce Stevens immediately at

Awards Banquet/Buffet
Door Prizes

Our Saturday evening banquet will not only include the presentation of the James H. Burton and Sid Stone Service Awards but also include the drawings for our most special door prizes.

Reyburn tuning hammer

A beautiful hand crafted tuning hammer by Nate Reyburn (Cybertuner) will be presented to some lucky winner!


Randy Woltz, RPT - Conference Director
Bruce Stevens, RPT - Institute Director

Come Early and choose from 3 fabulous All-Day Thursday Seminars

Voicing New York Steinway Hammers Master Class
Eric Schandall, RPT

Voicing New York Steinway Hammers Master Class

with Eric Schandall, RPT

  • First time offering - don't miss it!
  • How, when, and where to lacquer
  • Two Steinway grand pianos, one with new, and one with used, hammers
  • Full range of voicing techniques used in home and concert work
  • Additional fee applies
  • Lunch included

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A Bellyman's Holiday
Ken Eschete

A Bellyman's Holiday

with Ken Eschete

  • The Soundboard Press - construction of a rib press and methods used to construct soundboards - live demonstration of procedures
  • Bridge Capping - puts a chisel in everyone's hand
  • Techniques and procedures for replacing fully-fitted block and use of Acryloid B-72
  • Additional fee applies
  • Lunch included

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Make It Shine! Hands-On Polyester Repair & Finish
Ruth Zeiner, RPT

Make It Shine! Hands-On Polyester Repair & Finish

with Ruth Zeiner, RPT

  • Demos of scratch removal, simple fills, and larger damage and edge repair
  • Identify finish prior to deciding on a procedure
  • Grow your business with this needed skill
  • Additional fee applies
  • Lunch included

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Our Amazing Line Up
of Instructors

  • Norbert Abel
  • David Andersen
  • Sue Babcock, RPT
  • Rick Baldassin, RPT
  • Steve Brady, RPT
  • Melanie Brooks
  • Wally Brooks, RPT
  • Chris Brown, RPT
  • Mark Burgett
  • Bruce Clark
  • Richard Davenport, RPT
  • David Durben, RPT
  • LaRoy Edwards, RPT
  • Dale Erwin, RPT
  • Ken Eschete
  • Phenoyd Ezra
  • Roger Gable, RPT
  • Anne Garee, RPT
  • Nick Gravagne, RPT
  • Peggy Gravagne, RPT
  • Ward Guthrie, RPT
  • Ward Guthrie, RPT
  • Scott Jones, RPT
  • Keith Kopp, RPT
  • Carl Lieberman, RPT
  • Don Mannino, RPT
  • Bob Marinelli, RPT
  • Ralph Miyashiro, RPT
  • Randy Morton
  • Ray Negron
  • Tremaine Parsons, RPT
  • Randy Potter, RPT
  • Paul Rea
  • David Reed, RPT
  • Nate Reyburn, RPT
  • Isaac Sadigursky, RPT
  • Paul Sanderson
  • Eric Schandall, RPT
  • Steve Schell, RPT
  • Kathy Smith, RPT
  • Bruce Stevens, RPT
  • Jeff Stevens, RPT
  • Israel Stein, RPT
  • Starr Taylor, RPT
  • Steve Taylorn
  • Carl Teel
  • David Vanderlip, RPT
  • Anthony Willey, RPT
  • Ruth Zeiner, RPT

Our Exhibitors

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Exhibit Hall Map [pdf]

  • Allied Piano
  • Bridgman Piano Tools
  • Brooks, Ltd.
  • Classic Woods by Phenoyd
  • Erwin's Piano Restoration
  • Faulk Tuning Hammers
  • Hailun USA
  • Inventronics, Inc.
  • Kawai America Corp.
  • Moondog Manufacturing LLC
  • North Bennett Street School
  • Pacific Piano Supply
  • Period Piano Center
  • Piano Technicians Guild
  • Piano Buyer
  • Pianotek Supply Company
  • Pitchlock, Inc.
  • Randy Potter School of Piano Technology
  • Reyburn Cybertuner
  • Ronsen Piano Hammers
  • Rubenstein Pianos
  • Shigeru Kawai Piano Co.
  • Sierra Software
  • Supply88
  • TPR Tools LLC
  • Websites with Ease for Piano Tuners
  • Wessell, Nickel, and Gross
  • Yamaha Corp. of America